MX2000-LN and MPX2000-LN lithium niobate modulators

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Laser Components now distributes the MX2000-LN and MPX2000-LN series of optical modulators produced by Photline Technologies. The new intensity and phase modulators are specifically designed for operation in the 2µm wavelength band, and offer the same benefits as their classic 1,550nm counterparts, namely; high modulation bandwidth, compact form factor, low insertion loss, low drive voltage, and reliability. They incorporate 2µm waveguides and are pigtailed with 2µm polarisation-maintaining fibres.

The MX2000-LN-01 intensity modulator is primarily, but not exclusively, intended for lidar applications, which can be used in combination with a thulium fibre laser to generate short optical pulses with high extinction ratio.  More generally, the 2µm modulators find applications in lidar, gas sensing and spectroscopy.

These latest products complement Photline Technologies' portfolio of commercial LiNbO3 modulation solutions, from 800nm to 2µm and for a broad range of applications.