OE-200 series

The OE-200 series of variable gain photoreceivers is designed for a variety of applications requiring fast and precise measurement of small optical signals.  By combining a low noise transimpedance amplifier with a silicon or InGaAs photodiode a broad wavelength range from 190nm up to 1700nm is covered, offering adjustable gain from 103 to 1011V/W and measurement over a wide dynamic range from ca. 100fW up to 2mW optical input power. Its high sensitivity is achieved by a low noise design resulting in a noise equivalent power (NEP) of minimum 10fW/√Hz. All models with fibre optic input come with an optical calibration. The OE-200 can be also used as precise and fast power meter with a high bandwidth of up to 500kHz and a wide dynamic range of up to 100dB.