N-470 linear actuator

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Physik Instrumente (PI) has introduced the N-470 linear actuator, which simplifies the automated adjustment of mechanical and optomechanical components. This actuator can be integrated into conventional mirror holders or positioning stages for precisely aligning the beam path of optical assemblies.

The N-470 features a travel range from 7.5 to 26mm and is also available as vacuum version to 10-6hPa and 10-9hPa. It comes with a mounting thread or a shaft for integration into the existing application environment. It has a high motion resolution of typically 20nm and can, in consequence, align optical components with high precision.

The actuator is vibration-proof and shock-resistant. It provides a holding force of >100N and a feed force of 22N. It achieves its high holding force and resolution by combining a piezomotor with mechanical thread translation. When at rest, the drive is self-locking and requires no current.

The E-870 drive electronics from PI is tuned to the requirements of PiezoMike linear actuators. One amplifier can serially control a unit with up to four channels.