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N-Driver, available from Armstring Optical, is a thermal imaging system for drivers, aimed at improving road and rail safety by increasing driver visibility under all weather and lighting conditions. The system features optimum resolution, fast frame-rate and excellent field of view and can act as a driver's 'third eye' enhancing the driving experience.

It is currently estimated that more than 50 per cent of all fatal accidents occur on roads during the hours of darkness and that collisions at night would decrease by almost 60 per cent if drivers had been able to react 0.5s earlier (equating to ~15m additional reaction distance at 100km/hr).

Simple installation of a thermal imaging drivers aid will not only enhance the driving experience, but overcome blinding by oncoming headlights, provide earlier warning of hidden obstacles and pedestrians in the roadway and, by increasing situational awareness, help in preventing serious and fatal accidents. The N-Driver system provides detection distances to people of more than 600m and vehicles to greater than 1km.

The N-Driver is ready to operate on start-up and, utilising the latest in thermal sensor technology, provides high resolution imagery in a format that aids driving, but does not flood the driver with too much information. Additionally, unlike some other thermal imaging systems that are restricted to a paltry 9Hz, the N-Driver operates at a full 50Hz frame rate ensuring no blind-spots occur during refresh periods.

Working equally well as a general thermal imaging system the N-Driver is currently finding great applicability in all travel areas such as road, marine and rail, as well as general fixed and mobile position security and surveillance.