Nathaniel Group named as Vermont Green Business

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The State of Vermont has named Vergennes-based Nathaniel Group a Vermont Green Business for the company’s environmental stewardship and sustainability efforts. The Vermont Green Business Program provides assistance to businesses working to ‘green up’ their operations and recognises businesses of all sizes for meeting a set of environmental sustainability standards.

In addition to participating in an environmental assessment, Nathaniel completed a large energy reduction programme that reduced energy consumption by 47 per cent. The programme involved delamping fluorescent fixtures, installing motion sensor light switches in some rooms, and installing LEDs in exterior light fixtures. Last year the company replaced its aging HVAC units with new high efficiency models.


‘We’re continually looking for ways to reduce, reuse and recycle in all aspects of our business.’ said Joel Melnick, CEO of Nathaniel Group. ‘These efforts extend to helping our customers reduce their energy footprint, too.’


Nathaniel is heavily involved in the transition of industrial and medical illumination to LED and laser light sources. Previously the standard light sources used arc and filament lamps.  A number of these lamps contained mercury and all had a much shorter life span.  With the new products from Nathaniel Group, the medical device, industrial inspection and machine vision industries are diverting tons of mercury based and other lamps from landfills. Additionally, customers are achieving an average of a 50 per cent improvement in energy efficiency. 


The Vermont Green Business Program is a joint effort between the Department of Environmental

Conservation and the Vermont Small Business Development Center and is voluntary and free of cost to participating businesses. Vermont businesses designated as Green Businesses are recognised for going beyond compliance with existing environmental regulations, using resource conservation strategies and implementation of environmental best management practices.