Near-IR photon counter

ID Quantique has introduced its id210 advanced system for single photon detection at telecom wavelengths (1,310 and 1,550nm). The device's performance in high-speed gating at frequencies up to 100MHz (internal or external) surpasses that of existing detectors by ten times. Photons can be detected with probability up to 25 per cent at 1,550nm, while maintaining low dark counts. Timing resolution as low as 250ps can also be achieved.

The id210 provides adjustable delays, adjustable gate duration of 1-20ns, and adjustable dead time up to 100µs. For applications requiring an asynchronous detection scheme, the detector can operate in free-running mode with detection probability of between 2.5 and 10 per cent. Thanks to a practical user interface, all parameters can be intuitively adjusted with direct access buttons.