NeoSpectra Micro

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Si-Ware Systems (SWS) has introduced an integrated micro-spectrometer for broad industrial and consumer use. The NeoSpectra Micro is a small, chip-scale, near infrared spectral sensor that analyses materials quickly on site without the need to send samples to a lab, enabling dramatic time savings and accurate, actionable data in the field or on the plant floor.

The device is small enough and thin enough to be incorporated into a smart phone case or designed into an existing mobile product. Its applications include scanning food, evaluating soil health, evaluating oil and gas composition, and evaluating pharmaceutical purity. The NeoSpectra Micro brings end-users the ability to immediately quantify composition, detect impurities and ascertain quality, speeding sample analysis from days to minutes without the need for offsite lab verification. 

The NeoSpectra Micro builds on the cost-effective NeoSpectra sensing module used by system integrators for the development of industry-specific hand-held and inline spectrometer applications. The device is currently in use in agriculture, petrochemical, and healthcare industries.