New EasyTau software version

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PicoQuant has released a new version of its EasyTau software for the fluorescence lifetime spectrometer FluoTime 300. The release focuses on the integration of interfaces allowing remote execution of scripts written in the EasyTau scripting language to control third-party accessories such as, for example, the liquid handling automation workstation Biomek NXP from Beckman-Coulter.

Another highlight of this release is the optimisation of several EasyTau wizards, most notably the quantum yield wizard which now offers an improved workflow for samples with low quantum yields. Additionally, a new wizard for the measurement of phosphorescence spectra with picosecond pulsed laser excitation has been included. These fully user-customisable scripts make it easy to carry out sophisticated spectroscopic experiments, even for novice users.

The FluoTime 300 is a fully automated fluorescence lifetime spectrometer with steady-state and phosphorescence options. EasyTau allows researchers to focus on their samples without concerning themselves with finding the best instrument settings for their experiments.