New planar diffused UV photodiodes

AMS Technologies has introduced two new families of planar-diffused UV photodiodes manufactured by OSI Optoelectronics: The UV-EQ/EQC/EK series and the UV-DQ/DQC/DK series.

The photodiodes feature specially-produced silicon, processed for enhanced responsiveness over 200-400nm, guaranteeing sensitivity down to 190nm (in the EQ, EQC, DQ, and DQC models). The DK and EK series are sensitive down to 320nm and offer hermetic packaging at a lower cost. Additionally, the response in the NIR region has been suppressed in the EQ and EQC models.

The photodiodes feature metal or ceramic package with quartz or borosilicate window. These detectors can be reverse biased for lower capacitance, faster response and wider dynamic range applications. They are ideal for UV spectrophotometers, analytical instruments and medical instrumentation.