New Scale Technologies appoints Photonic Solutions as distributor for UK and Ireland

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Photonic Solutions has announced that it will be distributing and supporting all products on behalf of US firm New Scale Technologies throughout the UK and Ireland. New Scale Technologies’ M3 micro-stages and actuators are small and precise closed-loop positioning solutions that enable customers to achieve a fast time to market with a low total cost.

Since 2002, when New Scale Technologies was founded, the firm has been awarded numerous patents in the development of piezoelectric motors and motion systems. These patents, combined with the firm’s proprietary know-how, have enabled New Scale Technologies to create miniaturised products with micrometre-scale resolution, fully-integrated micro-electronics and intelligent firmware. The firm’s M3 micro-stages and actuators are all-in-one ‘smart modules’ with a built-in controller, and are easy to integrate into handheld and portable instruments. These micro-stages enable smaller, smarter imaging systems, scientific instruments, medical devices, aerospace and defence systems.

Photonics Solutions, established in 1999, is an independent UK supplier of optoelectronic products. Headquartered in Edinburgh, it exclusively represents a limited number of manufacturers, providing its customers with high quality products and support to meet both research and industrial applications.

Both companies are genuinely excited by the opportunities this alliance will generate and look forward to working closely together to satisfy the demands of both the research and industrial market for precision motion in a smaller form factor and with less power.