PIHera P-620 series

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With its PIHera P-620 series, PI (Physik Instrumente) offers piezo-based positioning systems for versatile applications. With travel ranges from 50 µm to 1.5 mm and variable axis configuration, the linear positioning stages are suited for applications which require nanometer-precise adjustment of optical or mechanical elements, for example, in micro-assembly, beam guidance, photonics or optical metrology.

The numerous models of the PIHera series also include integrated two-axis and vertical stages which can be combined and complemented to XYZ systems.

The high positioning and path accuracy are the result of frictionless flexure joints and capacitive positioning sensors which were optimized in terms of picometer resolution as well as high measuring bandwidth for use in positioning systems.

PI uses the PICMA® multilayer actuators from in-house production as a drive. They offer considerably greater reliability and an extended lifetime because they have all-ceramic insulation and are moisture-resistant, even under high electrical fields.

In combination with the digital single-axis E-709 controller, this provides a cost-efficient, high-performance and flexible positioning system. The control is digitally addressed over a USB or RS-232 interface and offers numerous parameters for the optional optimization of the settling behavior. The E-709 supports LabView for laboratory applications. Additional libraries for Windows and Linux allow the implementation in existing environments.