Non-browning lenses

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Resolve Optics has developed a comprehensive range of non-browning (radiation-resistant) lenses for use in radioactive environments.

All Resolve Optics non-browning lenses are high quality and high-performance and can withstand a total radiation dose of 108 rads and temperatures up to 55°C without discoloration.

The range includes fixed focus and motorised zoom non-browning lenses. Resolve Optics can also provide custom lenses to the user’s specifications.

Resolve Optics fixed-focus non-browning lens range from 6 mm to 25mm focal length with fields of view up to 108°. They provide high image resolution and minimum geometric distortion from 400 -750nm. The lenses have been designed for use with 1-inch and 2/3-inch CCTV cameras as well as Newvicon and Chalnicon tubes in a variety of nuclear monitoring applications.

The 6:1 and 3:1 zoom lenses are characterised by their compactness, high-resolution and focus tracking throughout the zoom range. Most zoom lenses can be supplied in non-motorised or motorised formats and in materials to suit the widest range of applications. For space-restricted applications Resolve Optics offers the type 207 range that are probably the smallest stand-alone high performance zoom lens currently commercially available.