Non-Polarising plates and beamsplitter cubes

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Precision Photonics Corporation has released a line of laser-line non-polarisers for visible and near-infrared applications. These components use PPC's advanced ion-beam-sputtering (IBS) coatings and Telecordia-qualified CADB epoxy-free bonding technique to provide stable, low-loss optical components that are both athermal and suitable for high-power applications. 

The phase-preserving all-dielectric designs achieve polarisation separation of fewer than five per cent in both transmission and reflection with a 50/50 split ratio. Typical applications include phase sensitive heterodyne detection, optical demodulation and as components in Michelson interferometers used for dispersion compensation and interleaving.

Custom non-polarising beamsplitter cubes are available at 1550nm with a phase separation of fewer than 10 degrees. Cube sizes range from 1 to 25mm with angle tolerances as low as 30 arcseconds. Non-polarising plate beamsplitters can be manufactured at a variety of wavelengths from 500-2100nm with damage thresholds in excess of 5J/cm2 at 1064nm.