Novel substrate for laser marked labels

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Victrex, a UK-based developer of polymer materials, has introduced a novel pressure sensitive polymer label designed for high quality, high resolution laser marking. The laser marking label will be marketed by Kuramoto Sangyo, a Japanese manufacturer of pressure sensitive sheets that developed the new label in conjunction with Victrex Japan. The labels will be marketed towards electronics, automotive, and medical technology applications, where heat and chemical resistance is required.

This heat resistant label uses heat resistant acrylic adhesive with Victrex’s high performance APTIV film as the substrate. The label is capable of adhering to a wide range of surfaces such as steel, ceramics and glass. The label is printed using the MX-V1000, a high resolution laser marker made by Omron Corporation. A variety of label colours and thicknesses are available including standard 50µm and thin 25µm label stock.

Laser marking requires no ink to make an almost indelible high resolution mark so the process can be used in a wide range of industries. Commonly used polymer labels such as those based on PET films are not suitable for high resolution laser printing because they have warping problems and poor print quality caused by the high heat of the laser. On the other hand, the laser marking label developed using APTIV films is able to withstand the heat of the laser and offers clear and high quality printing results.