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Objective lenses for two-photon microscopy systems

Special Optics, a division of Navitar, offers objective lens solutions optimised for use in two-photon microscopy systems. These apochromatic objectives are customised with high numerical apertures (NA) and long working distances (WD) for use with various sample sizes and applications. Biomedical researchers use two-photon microscopy to image tissue and look deeper into samples to determine their nature and structure.

With its ability to design and manufacture highly specialised lenses, Special Optics is currently working on two-photon microscopy applications with several large research institutions and universities, such as Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Janelia Farm Research Campus, where research is being conducted using custom scan and tube lenses from Special Optics.

Special Optics’ custom objectives meet the need for working distances from 0.3mm to a longer range of 30mm. Lenses are also tailored to function at wavelengths from visible light (390-750nm) to the near infrared (700-1400nm). Depending on the type of studies being done, two-photon microscopy systems may also be modified for aqueous, oil, and vacuum research environments.


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