Ocean Optics expands Jaz software options

Ocean Optics has increased the usability and flexibility of its Jaz modular optical sensing platform with two new software options; the Jaz-IRRAD for irradiance measurements, and the Jaz scripting language for building applications. The modular design of the Jaz family allows it to be customised for a range of applications in field, lab or process environments. With the new software options, users will be able to further tailor measurements to their requirements, without any special programming knowledge.

With Jaz-IRRAD absolute irradiance measurement software, the hand-held Jaz transforms into a dedicated light meter, allowing users to measure calibrated absolute irradiance without any need for an external computer. Characteristics such as colour temperature, spectral intensity and colour space values of LEDs, radiant sources and the sun are captured with just three pushes of a button. Data captured can be post-processed to the intensity parameter of choice - Watts/cm2, lumen, luz, PAR, or any other light intensity parameter.

The Jaz scripting language offers nearly endless possibilities for creating custom applications. This powerful tool is simple enough for non-programmers to build measurement sequences into a self-contained application. Operations such as measuring the sugar content of a liquid, or expressing reflected colour in colourspace values such as L*a*b*, can be designed and tested on a PC and loaded onto the Jaz for execution.