Oclaro HL63193MG, HL63153AT, HL63163DG, and HL40041MG

ProPhotonix, designer and manufacturer of LED illumination systems, laser diode modules and a distributor of vendor's laser diodes, has added four new visible laser diodes from Oclaro that it will distribute, including the HL63193MG, HL63153AT, HL63163DG, and the HL40041MG.

The HL63193MG offers high optical output power (700mW) at a wavelength of 638nm, in a small package (5.6mm) and is suited for use in laser projectors.

The HL63153AT, a 638nm diode at 150mW, comes in a package (3.8mm), and is suited for pico projector applications.

The HL63163DG, a 100mw, 633nm laser diode is now available from ProPhotonix and offers a replacement for He-Ne lasers. 

Finally the company will be offering to the Bio-Medical and measurement markets with the HL40041MG, a 404nm diode at 150mw.