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Opto Diode Corporation has released the ODA-5W-100k, which combines a high responsivity 5mm² active area silicon photodiode with a low noise preamplifier with 100kOhm transimpedance gain. The instrument will be distributed by AP Technologies.

The standard red/NIR-enhanced device has a responsivity of 63 V/µW at 940nm – visible enhanced versions can also be supplied. This high performance device has a frequency response of 500kHz (min.) with a low Offset Voltage (±1 mV) and Dark Offset Noise of 1mV rms.

The ODA-5W-100k operates from ±5 to ±15 V and is supplied in a hermetically sealed TO-39 can with operating and storage temperature ranges of -25°C to +100°C.

Applications for these devices are low-light-level (less than one mW) tasks where electrical noise can affect the photodiode signal if the detector and amplifier are separate components on a circuit board. Typical examples are medical diagnostics; test & measurement; fluorescence detection and spectroscopy.

The ODA-5W-100k is manufactured at Opto Diode’s facility in Newbury Park,  California in its Class 1000 cleanroom and high volume fully-automated packaging facility.


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