OEM Monolithic Light Engine

Melles Griot has introduced the OEM Monolithic Light Engine. The light engine can shake, rattle, and ship without needing to be realigned. The engine is available in three or more output wavelengths from 405 to 785nm and powers up to 200mW.

The hermetically sealed design, combined with a patented beam-combiner results in rock-solid stability when subjected to mechanical shock, vibration and temperature changes. The internal laser components, combining elements, and beam shaping optics are held at a constant temperature in a compact package, which delivers good pointing stability, low optical noise and power stability. Customised beam profiles, focal distances and modulation parameters are available per OEM requirements.

OEM applications include flow cytometry, confocal microscopy, microarray scanning, retinal scanning, capillary electrophoresis, laser induced fluorescence, PCR and can replace multiple lasers, mounts, and optics.