Quantum Composers laser modules

Quantum Composers has released a series of laser modules for the micro-machining, opto-electric, and industrial laser industries. The series includes high-speed shutters, energy attenuators, motorised slit apertures, filter wheels, and motorised lens tubes. These laser products provide simple, robust solutions to the most complex and demanding applications, either as full turnkey systems or individual optical modules.

The Quantum Composers laser division provides expertise in developing complex laser systems and laser beam manipulation modules for both medical and industrial appli­cations. The company provides solutions for monitoring and regulating the energy output, beam size and shape, separation or blending of wavelengths and precise timing of the laser output of laser systems.  Modules include high speed shutters, energy attenuators, and motorised slit aper­tures, filter wheels, and motorised lens tubes.

All of these modules represent a fraction of the capabilities that Quantum Composers can provide in a full turnkey system. The laser division has designed systems that include precise energy monitoring, video microscopes, and software controlled energy.