OGX series of optical mounts

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The new OGX series of optical mounts from Siskiyou deliver a combination of adjustment functionality and stability. They feature top adjustment, which allows them to be set without reaching into the beam path, plus a locking mechanism that limits drift to less than 5µm, even when exposed to mechanical shocks of up to 4gs. Additionally, OGX mounts are true gimbals, meaning that angular adjustments to an incident beam don’t also result in later translation of the light path. These features combine to simplify and speed up the task of optical system alignment significantly.

OGX mounts are available for both 25mm and 50mm diameter optics, such as mirrors, beamsplitters, filters and lenses. The use of fine pitch (100 TPI) adjusters provides an adjustment resolution as fine as 5.3 arcseconds over a total motion range of 7° (for the 50mm mount).  In addition to Siskiyou’s standard models, vacuum compatible and deep ultraviolet compatible versions are also available upon request. 

OGX mounts are primarily intended for space constrained applications, particularly in high performance optical systems that require precise adjustment and long term stability. Typical examples include airborne and spaceborne laser systems, astronomy instrumentation, and miniaturised life science instruments and tools. They are also useful and cost-effective for general purpose laboratory use.