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A new manual actuator available from Siskiyou uses a fine pitch #4 screw, enabling OEMs to construct smaller, higher precision optical mounts and positioners. The 4-100EAS consists of a 4-100 (100 threads per inch) hex head screw, contained within a brass mounting body, making it the smallest adjustment screw the company offers with such a fine thread pitch.

In addition, the threads on the 4-100EAS are precision rolled, rather than produced through single point cutting, which yields greater consistency, uniformity and accuracy. This translates into smoother adjustment in use, as well as greater thread engagement, which, in turn, allows for higher load capacity. Brass is used in the 4‑100EAS mounting body to provide durability and long lifetime. 

The entire 4-100EAS assembly requires just a 3/16-inch mounting hole. Off-the-shelf 4-100EAS products are offered with travel lengths of 0.125 inches and 0.250 inches, and custom travel lengths are available upon request. A vacuum compatible version, fabricated entirely from aluminium, is also available. 

The 4-100EAS is primarily intended for OEMs seeking to assemble high performance, ultra-compact mounts and positioners. It is also compatible with the Siskiyou’s standard 37-12dt translation stage, which offers 0.125 inches of travel, yet measures only 0.62 x 0.62 x 0.37 inches.