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OmniCure AC8225-F UV LED System

Excelitas Technologies has launched the new air-cooled OmniCure AC8225-F UV LED Fiber Curing System. Specifically designed for fibre curing applications, the AC8225-F system has advanced front-end optics and delivers 12W/cm2 peak irradiance and uniformity at a 10 to 18mm working distance for fast, even curing. By adapting the output to support application requirements, the AC8225-F system provides optimised performance for this demanding curing process.

Compared with traditional arc lamp systems, the OmniCure AC8225-F UV LED Fiber Curing System reduces electricity consumption by up to 60 per cent, delivering cost savings with no compromises in line speed. With more than 40,000 hours of LED lifetime and no replacement parts, maintenance costs are further reduced.

The OmniCure AC Series of UV LED Curing Systems utilises air-cooled LED technology in a compact design allowing for seamless integration into new or existing production lines. The design eliminates the need for costly retooling, external cooling or ozone extraction. The curing systems can be mounted in any orientation for greater flexibility. Utilising a patented process for addressing individual UV LED module outputs, OmniCure AC Series provides uniformity over the entire curing area. Multiple UV LED heads can be adjoined while maintaining optical uniformity between each system. External mechanical and optical accessories are available upon request.


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