OmniCure UV LED Max

Lumen Dynamics Group has introduced its new OmniCure UV LED Max heads, the latest addition to the company's OmniCure line of accessories for use with its LX400 LED curing system. Offering the highest Maximum irradiance levels at 9,500mW/cm2 with a 365nm UV LED, the company states that its OmniCure Max heads are the most advanced LED heads commercially available, ensuring the most lean and effective UV curing assembly processes.

The MAax heads are able to deliver over 18 per cent higher power than previous generation LED heads while maintaining the same level of energy consumption. When combined with the OmniCure UV LED curing system, energy efficiencies are achieved with an 80 per cent reduction in power consumption as compared to a UV arc lamp spot curing solution.

Featuring real time monitoring of both LED temperature and hours of operation, the Max heads offer highest reliability with increased control and an extended lifetime. The OmniCure product line also includes a wide selection of UV LED lenses compatible with the Max heads.