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Optical Mounting Components

4D Technology has released a family of optical mounting components for use with large aperture laser interferometers. The mounts greatly improve the measurement quality of laser interferometers, which is often compromised by inferior mounting components and ad hoc mounting configurations.

4D Technology’s optical mounting components reduce setup time and improve measurement repeatability, providing stable mounting in a broad range of measurement configurations. Rigid and vibration-resistant, the mounts interface readily with optics from most manufacturers to maximize investment value. The family of 4D mounting components includes: sturdy bases and table guides for use on optical tables; translation, tilt and rotation adapters for alignment; chucks and bayonet-style mounts to securely hold test optics; and shelves, plates and other accessories for custom mounting configurations. Mounts are available in 4-inch and 6-inch versions to accommodate most Fizeau interferometers, including 4D's family of FizCam Fizeau Dynamic Interferometers.


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