Optical sensing fibre

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FBGS has introduced a new strain sensing fibre with a protective GFRP jacket (glass fibre reinforced plastic) material, making integration with the composite material easier for the technician. Supplied on a convenient spool, it is available in either a tape (SMT-01) or wire (SMW-01) format to suit each application - be it a surface application, embedded, or for monitoring civil/geo-technical structures outdoors. With dimensions of 0.35 and 1mm, they are small enough to transfer strain, yet offer ease of handling as well as mechanical protection in harsh environments.

While fibre length, number of sensors and connector type can be specified by the customer, a new fibre is now available for trials and evaluation comprising five sensors over a 6.2m length of the coated fibre. It is now possible for companies in the aerospace, yachting, civil and wind industries to introduce this measuring technique.