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AMS Technologies has introduced a development kit for compact liquid cooling. The mini liquid cooling kit (mLC-KIT) is an easy-to-integrate, compact sealed compressor system for the cooling of bio reagents and laser systems with a cooling capacity of up to 500W.

The mLC-KIT weighs 3.4kg and uses a low vibration and low noise mini rotary compressor. Its speed-controlled brushless DC electric motor allows the controlling of temperature to below 20 per cent of the maximum load conditions.

With dimensions of 200mm x 193mm x 180mm the kit fits into areas which are space constrained, and the 24 VDC input voltage makes it suitable for applications that require mobility.

The mLC-KIT is sealed, and OEMs can easily integrate it into their system. It connects to the customer’s liquid coolant circuit via a male R 1⁄4” connector at the brazed plate heat exchanger. The system is suitable for a variety of coolant fluids. At 5°C water temperature and 200W of cooling capacity its power consumption is 115W.