Optical shutter/chopper model SH-65

Electro-Optical Products Corporation has launched an ultra-low vibration optical shutter/ low frequency chopper, which comes in a variety of different models. The compact, low cost mechanical shutter model SH-65 does not create shock or vibrations; therefore it is ideal when working on an optical table, or for integration into an instrument or system where a vibration-free environment is needed. The shutter has easy operation and is cost effective in high volume.

The device consists of a 0.010-inch thick aluminium black anodised blade mounted on a motor with a limited rotation angle to fit a 0.65-inch (16mm) aperture. The blade is also available in a bright nickel plating finish. Other thicknesses and finishing types are available.

The total swing of the blade from one end position to the other end position is 30 degrees. The transition time from one position to the other is 10 milliseconds in total. Transition is smooth, with no clicking noise, no hard stops, and with minimal shock and vibration.

The shutter can also be used as a low frequency optical chopper at frequencies from DC to 25Hz.

Electro-Optical Products is offering different models (custom and standard) for the SH-65 shutter. This includes: the SH-65 shutter, which is mounted onto a frame that allows horizontal and vertical mounting; the SH-65-M shutter, which comes with a mounting plate and allows horizontal and vertical mounting; the SH-65-MP shutter that can be mounted directly onto an optical table; and the SH-65-B shutter, which is cased in an aluminium box with a 0.56-inch (14mm) through hole.

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