OptiLux SD optical component inspection system

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RedLux, a developer of non-contact 3D metrology technology, has launched its latest OptiLux SD, a next generation system that can quickly and precisely evaluate and verify imperfections of optic components such as lenses, filters, prisms and reflective surfaces.

The OptiLux SD is the industry’s first instrument that truly eliminates operator subjectivity from scratch-dig evaluation and verification, and complies to the MIL-13830B and ISO 10110-7 standard in a highly repeatable and traceable way. This latest release of the system also has autofocus added for higher throughput applications.

The current method for inspecting optics and certifying them to the industry standard relies on human eye assessment under defined conditions. This subjective and often undocumented process can lead to discrepancies in the supply chain, which can delay production times and increase costs. The OptiLux SD brings a solution to the industry that can certify a product as compliant to the specification, with a traceable pass of fail, detailed in a compliance report that provides a non-disputable assurance of quality. The advanced technology of the OptiLux SD combines a high-resolution sensor head with a precision X-Y motion system to provide a fully-automated, operator-independent surface measurement and analysis routine.