OT-301NC versatile position sensing amplifier board

Laser Components has launched the OT-301NC versatile position sensing amplifier board. The amplifier board has a DB9 connector to receive the data from a PSD, bi-cell, or quadrant photodiode, as well as BNC cable outputs for the X, Y, and sum of the voltages. 

The OT-301NC can read and process signals from a large selection of devices, such as one- dimensional common anode and cathode PSDs, two-dimensional duo-lateral, tetra-lateral and pin cushion PSDs, and common anode and cathode quad and bi-cells. The amplifier board can process the position data of these devices using a direct current or up to a frequency of 15kHz. It has a dynamic range of 0.1µA to 1.5mA, and features calibration adjustment, zero offset/nulling, and automatic detector biasing for device setup and calibration.

The board is designed for integration into existing systems, however Laser Components provides the OT-301C external casing to house the board in a compact 38.1 x 139.7 x 152.4mm casing for bench top and laboratory applications. 

Laser Components also offers position sensing modules (PSMs).