OTS-LSC laser safety curtain

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Newport Corporation has introduced the first product in its SmartTable OTS optical table system family - the OTS-LSC laser safety curtain. The OTS-LSC is an integrated laser safety curtain that connects directly to the SmartTable-OTS overhead shelf, making it the quickest and most economical way to achieve laser safety compliance. The curtain conforms to ANSI standards and can withstand exposure levels up to 200W/cm2 for 100 seconds, based upon a 5mm beam diameter. The new safety curtain complements the high performance level, organisation, lab space utilisation, and safety of Newport’s SmartTable-OTS system. The OTS-LSC attaches directly to the OTS or ATS overhead shelf system to provide an integrated, laser safe, optical table system which can be easily relocated or repositioned with the lab.

Newport claims that its OTS-LSC is the first and only laser curtain that is integrated into the support structure of an optical table, which reduces acquisition costs, reduces installation time, and allows for easy mobility of experiments. The ANSI-rated, 4-foot tall curtain is designed to provide a 12-inch gap around the perimeter of the table; when installed at its maximum height of 78.5 inches, it drapes below the table surface by 8 inches. The OTS-LSC is offered in several standard sizes to fit the most popular optical table sizes. If a wider working perimeter is needed, customers can simply purchase a larger curtain. Newport can also provide customised curtain sizes and special materials upon request.