OTSE integrated overhead shelf

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Newport has introduced the OTSE integrated overhead shelf, the newest product in the SmartTable OTS optical table system family. The OTSE is an integrated overhead shelf that connects directly to the SmartTable-OTS frame so the entire system has a smaller footprint, more rigid design, and provides more accessibility to the table. This integration makes moving even the most complex system easy.

The overhead shelf features a 23.5-inch deep surface and 300lb load capacity to provide sufficient room and stability for even the largest instruments. For added convenience, Newport's new OTSE version features a blank front panel for use in applications that may be sensitive to the electrical fields generated by power outlet strips.

The shelf features a full 5.5 inches of assembly-height adjustment to improve user accessibility; this allows easier access to frequently-used instruments or provides clearance for taller equipment, such as microscopes.

Users have the option to attach their own power supply strips to either the front panel, or for maximum flexibility, they may use the under-shelf t-slots. The t-slots can also accommodate hanging shelves or other homemade accessories. The SmartTable OTS and the new OTSE integrated overhead shelves are available in 6, 8, and 10 foot widths.