OVF Series

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Pacer Components has introduced a range of high-brightness, square, visible LEDs manufactured by Optek Technology. The high-power OVF series is ideally suited to a wide variety of roles that include signage, automotive, traffic control, decorative and landscaping applications.

The LEDs in the OVF series are contained in a 7.6mm, four-pin, through-hole package and are available in six colours; white, blue, green, amber, red/orange and red. Encased in low-profile, water-clear lenses, they offer a range of viewing angles from 40° to 120°. The series is rated for operation between -40°C and +100°C, making it the ideal solution for both internal and external applications.

The range has been created with a high forward voltage to maximise brightness, allowing designers to develop arrays using fewer LEDs to give the same level of light. These fast response devices output a higher flux level than average, for example 600mlm@20mA for the white LED; a highly efficient design that ensures energy savings.

The square package enables the devices to be efficiently integrated into arrays or mounted in housings to fill a wide variety of applications, for example braking, indicating and parking lights for the automotive industry. Other applications for which the devices would prove ideal include decoration and landscape lighting, display backlighting and indicator lights on electronic equipment. The versatile devices can also be used in tubular arrays to replace neon in displays and signage.

Contained in a 7.6mm2 four-pin, through-hole package, the LEDs are compatible with all lead-free soldering processes and automatic placement equipment. All devices in the range are available now at very competitive pricing.