Infrared LEDs

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Pacer Components has launched a high-power, miniature, surface mount infrared LED and phototransistor range, providing numerous application opportunities including industrial controls, optical encoders, portable and automotive electronics and non-contact position sensing. The new additions, from Optek Technology, are GaAlAs (Gallium Aluminium Arsenide) LEDs with a peak wavelength of 880nm and a maximum If (forward current) of 50mA. These high-powered LEDs have a minimum Ee APT (apertured radiant incidence) of 1.5mW/cm2 (OP270), 0.5mW/cm2 (OP280), 0.2mW/cm2 (OP250), and 0.2mW/cm2 (OP200).

These LEDs are mechanically and optically matched to one of the silicon NPN phototransistors from the new range, having a complementary peak sensitivity and acceptance angle. The maximum Ic (collector current) for the full range is 20mA, with maximum Vce (collector-emitter voltage) of 30V on all sensors. Response times are rated at 15µs and the maximum C-E dark current across the range is 100nA at a Vce of 5V.