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In research and industry OWIS beam handling systems are standard in every laboratory. The system installation kits allow the experimenter to provide test setups within shortest time. As initial equipment, the OWIS starter kits "Mechanics" and "Optics" have been available for several years. These contain the most frequently needed mechanical or optical components in a transport and storage case.

In order to meet the requirements especially of institutes, universities and colleges, the OWISets PRAK were compiled for experimental setups. All three sets base on standard components of the proven beam handling system SYS 65 and are available since February 2015. Particularly in training and further education the high-quality and sturdy OWISets PRAK can contribute to achieve a skilled handling of optics as well as to gather experience in transforming physical formulas into practice.

The OWISets PRAK are available for the following applications:

  • Determination of different focus lengths
  • Diffraction at a grid (extension set)
  • Mach-Zehnder interferometer

The advantage: With just one set all required OWIS components are available quickly and easily for the desired experimental setup.

For implementation of specific setups, the OWISets can be individually configured or adapted. The sets are expandable and can be combined arbitrarily with other OWIS® components. The handling is as simple as ever. Like all other OWIS components the OWISets PRAK are "Made in Germany".


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