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Flip Mirror KSH(M)

Owis’ flip mirror holders KSH(M) 25 and KSH(M) 40 and KSH(M) 65 can now be used in all orientations.

To reach a beam reflection of 90° the arm of the mirror holder flips into the beam at a 45° angle. Depending on the version it flips either to the right or to the left. For optimal results the optics on the wobble plate can be adjusted with disc springs.

According to Owis, the motorised versions allow improved control ‘even in less accessible places’ using the Owis TTL controller NG-E02. For easier integration into beam handling systems the mirror holders KSH(M) 25, KSH(M) 40 and KSH(M) 65 also have a single type of pin mounting method.


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