P1205 pink filter

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Alexandrite and especially diode wavelengths are used at a progressive rate in various kinds of medical laser applications. Most of the absorbing filter materials utilised against such wavelengths have had a green colour which remarkably diminishes the colour recognition during work.

Laservision has introduced their new pink filter P1205 which provides excellent colour recognition, especially in the red, which is especially useful in medical treatments. The filter is made of polycarbonate which is lower weight and price, than mineral glass filters.

Laservision’s new P1205 blocks Alexandrite and Diode lasers from 730 to 855nm with a peak at 755-840nm where it provides I L7 for pulsed and D L5 for cw lasers according to EN 207 and OD 7+, respectively. Furthermore UV protection at 190-375nm is included.

The filter is available in three different frame styles: the sportive curved Lambda One model, Laservision’s most popular Vision spectacles and the Skyline model that fits over almost any ordinary glasses.