Laser safety domes

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Laservision has developed a laser safety dome, designed especially for demonstration of laser applications in public areas or at trade shows. These glueless domes are made of acrylic laser safety filter material and offer extremely good visibility without any protruding edges or connectors. The dome has two access points for easy handling of laser beam delivery systems. The company claims that its laser safety domes provide an ideal way to showcase laser innovations and capabilities while keeping the safety of the demonstrator and clients in mind.

The safety domes are currently available in two acrylic laser safety filter specifications: The 1307 Dome features a pink filter, with optical density (OD) of 7+ at 755-830nm, and OD of 5+ at 10600nm; The 1308 Dome features a light green filter, with OD of 6+ at 870-1064nm, and an OD of 5+ at 10600nm.