P5P10 window

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Laservision has introduced a new blue polycarbonate laser safety window, the P5P10, provides improved visibility, higher protection and better impact resistance over conventional green laser safety windows. With the new P5P10 window you can clearly monitor your laser operation including laser cutting, welding, drilling, cladding or surface preparation and improve your production quality and yield.

P5P10 offers:

Better color recognition compared to the conventional green laser safety windows so that you can see and evaluate the laser operation clearly

High IR laser protection (OD 8+) for Nd:YAG, Disc, and Diode lasers

High UV laser protection (OD 8+) for Q-switched, Diode and Excimer lasers

Two thickness options as 3 mm (1/8”) and 6 mm (1/4”). 6 mm thick version provides additional impact resistance.

Custom sizes including oversize windows are available

CE certified