PbSe lasers

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Laser Components has been a key laser diode supplier to the spectroscopic community for a number of years, with its portfolio of diodes including VCSELs and DFBs in the NIR, and Lead Salt (PbSe) and QCL lasers in the mid IR (MIR). Within physical limits, custom wavelengths are available.

PbSe lasers are essential for high resolution absorption spectroscopy making a significant contribution to the research of many different molecules. Due to their good tunability, PbSe lasers are ideal spectral sources when seeking favourable spectral lines in the exploration of and development of industrial or medical gas sensors. Laser Components’ QCL lasers offer high output power at room temperature in the MIR. Drivers, including temperature controllers, cooling systems and complete optical systems and accessories for both the QCL and PbSe lasers, are also available, covering the complete spectral range from 3-25µm.