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Ixys has introduced the PCX-7500 high-power laser diode driver/current source. This instrument provides precision pulsed current with accurate microprocessor-based digital power control.

The PCX-7500 is an air-cooled, benchtop current source designed to drive laser diodes, bars and arrays at up to 450 amperes of current and 110V maximum forward voltage. Pulse widths are adjustable from 4 microseconds to 5,000 microseconds, with a frequency up to 10,000 hertz. The PCX-7500 is suited to research, laboratory, scientific and industrial applications.

Utilising one of several communication choices standard with the PCX-7500, users can develop automated testing and characterisation configurations which can be stored in the instrument’s on-board memory. It may also be operated through its intuitive front panel controls. The colour LCD provides immediate visual confirmation of all operating parameters.


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