PD300-R photodiode sensors

Ophir-Spiricon has released the PD300-R line of circular photodiode sensors. Identical in performance to the company's PD300 laser detectors, the PD300-R feature round geometry for easy mounting and centring on collinear optical bench systems. SM-1 mounting threads on all components ensure a fit with most optics. The sensors are designed to detect a wide range of light levels, from 500 picoWatts to 3W.

Each device has a built-in filter that reduces the light level on the detector and allows measurements up to 30mW without saturation. A second, removable filter allows measurement up to 3W.

Four models are available: PD300-R measures from 500pW to 30mW filter out, 200µW to 300mW filter in, wavelengths from 200-1,800nm; PD300-R-3W measures from 5nW to 100mW filter out, 200µW to 3W filter in, wavelengths from 200-1,800nm; PD300-R-UV measures from 20pW to 3mW filter out, 2µW to 300mW filter in, wavelengths from 200-1,100nm; PD300-R-IR measures from 5nW to 30mW filter out, 200µW to 300mW filter in, wavelengths from 700-1,800nm.

The circular photodiode sensors work with all Ophir smart meters and PC interfaces, including the Orion PE, Nova, Nova II, Vega, and LaserStar meters as well as the Juno and Pulsar PC interfaces. Each display features a Smart Connector interface that automatically configures and calibrates the display when plugged into one of the company's measurement heads.