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FPS-1 fast photodetector

Ophir-Spiricon, part of the Ophir Laser Measurement group, has introduced the FPS-1 fast photodetector, a high speed photodiode sensor with wide spectral response designed to measure the temporal pulse shape of lasers or other light sources with wide spectral response. The sensor provides a fast 1ns response time and handles wavelengths from 190nm to 1,100nm.

The company states that its FPS-1 sensor is compact, easy to use, and flexible. Unlike other high speed photodetectors, the sensor provides two modes of operation: The 50Ω load measures nanosecond high peak power pulses, while the 10kΩ load measures longer and lower peak power pulses. Input can be direct beam or from a fibre connection. The sensor can be powered by a battery or wall cube power supply. Neutral density filters are available to adjust the sensitivity to the power level of the source.


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