Alrad Electronics has introduced the IXYS Corporation PDG-2500 Handheld +5V Digital Pulse Generator. IXYS Corporation is a provider of power semiconductors, mixed signal and digital ICs for power conversion and motion control applications.

The PDG-2500 portable handheld pulse generator produces single-shot pulses from 80ns to 1s in width and pulse frequencies from 5 Hz to 1 Mhz. It features an intuitive touch screen interface to control both the high resolution digital pulse generator as well as an additional user-adjustable voltage, variable from 0 to +5V DC.

This DC voltage can be used as a control voltage to set high voltage power supply levels or other equipment parameters that are controlled with a DC voltage. In addition to touch screen user control, the PDG-2500 includes a USB computer interface for straightforward computer control and operation.