ProLite Xt Corvus High Brightness Fibre Coupled Bar

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Newport Corporation's Spectra-Physics Lasers Division has launched the ProLite Xt Corvus high-brightness, fibre-coupled bars. The Corvus series provides delivers more than 35W of output power from a 100µm fibre.

The Corvus series uses technical advancements in bar geometry design and beamshaping technology to efficiently fibre couple single diode laser bars. A low numerical aperture, small-diameter, single-core fibre provides a high intensity, high brightness output. In order to ensure maximum flexibility, the passively-cooled ProLite Xt Corvus lasers support a wide wavelength range of 790 to 980nm.

In addition, the field serviceable fibre design minimises downtime for fibre pumping, plastics welding, and other material processing applications where serviceability is critical.