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nLight has introduced its new Pearl product platform, a high-power fibre-coupled module. The architecture cleverly uses multiple high-power AuSn-bonded, facet-passivated, high-efficiency single emitters that are spatially combined into a single fibre core.

Standard modules are now available up to 50W at 808nm and 5W at 639nm with de-attachable antireflective-coated 0.22 numerical aperture 400μm-core fibers. Samples at 88x and 9xx nm are also offered. The product is designed for a wide array of application spaces that range from pumping multiple gain media (including diode-pumped solid state lasers, disk lasers, fibre lasers) to direct diode-material interactions (including annealing, welding, cutting, surgical application) to laser-based displays.

Pearl has a very high electrical-to-optical efficiency, which is typically in excess of 50 per cent. Another key feature is its low current operation enabled by configuring the single emitters in series. The 50W 808nm modules typically operate at 6A of current with a compliance voltage of 20V. The 5W 639nm modules typically operate at 1.3A of current with a compliance voltage of 21V. Standard wavelength tolerances are +/- 3nm (808nm) and +/- 4nm (639nm) with spectral widths less than 3nm.