PearL PV metrology system

LayTec has introduced its in-line metrology system, PearL, as part of its product line for solar applications. PearL is an optical in-line monitoring system, measuring photoluminescence spectra of thin-film modules in production lines. The system is designed for measuring in CIGS-based production lines. Photoluminescence spectra allow a fast detection of the effective Ga content of the absorber during the production process. A product option for CdTe absorbers is also available.

PearL is LayTec's advanced laser stimulated spectral photoluminescence (sPL) technology for PV absorber layer characterisation and process control. Differently to integral imaging solutions (iPL), PearL delivers fast quantitative material parameters based on the spectroscopic response. In a production environment the continuous recording of the photoluminescence spectra is a highly valuable measurement for quality control.

With PearL, LayTec now makes sPL available as an in-line tool. It can be combined with the industry-proven LayTec SolR that delivers for all solar cell layers tight uniformity control of the film deposition process from centre to edge of each thin-film module.