PG Series breadboards

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Newport, a provider of laser and photonic solutions, has introduced precision-grade (PG) optical breadboards with patented modal damping to improve dynamic performance.  

Suitable for critical laboratory and ultrafast applications, the new PG breadboards include sealed mounting holes that make it simple and easy to contain and clean up spills or retrieve small objects.

The PG Series breadboards incorporate a 3/16-inch steel triple-core interface honeycomb design providing for a lighter, stiffer platform with better dynamic rigidity.  Newport’s patented constrained layer modal damping minimizes torsional and bending modes.  

Combined with what the company describes as unsurpassed stiffness, excellent stability and dynamic rigidity, the new PG Series breadboards are suitable for demanding research tasks.

Newport’s precision-grade breadboards are available from 1ft x 1ft up to 3ft x 6ft sizes.  The series is available in 2-inch and 4-inch thicknesses, both offering a surface flatness of <±0.004 inches over two square feet. Metric or imperial versions can also be specified.