Photonics Innovation Award nominees announced

The nominees for the First PNO Photonics Innovation Award have been announced. The winner will be announced at Photonics Event 2015, 3-4 June, Veldhoven, The Netherlands.

As a result of the raise of awareness by the European Commission on Photonics as a Key Enabling Technology, PNO Consultants BV. has seen a major increase of his customer portfolio in the field of Photonics technology. Moreover, High Tech consultants at PNO are constantly impressed by the innovation capacity as well as potential market growth by their new and existing customers in this sector. In order to support the photonics community formed by those PNO customers, the first PNO Photonics Innovation Award has been created.

The candidates are (in alphabetical order):

  • Iñigo Artundo, VLC Photonics, for his commercial innovation introducing the concept of Multiproject Wafer Standard Design Services  for Photonic Integrated Circuits;
  • Jeroen Duis, TE Connectivity, for his constant efforts towards guiding European research to match the industrial demands;
  • Carlos Lee, EPIC, for his constant dissemination and cross-connection activities in benefit of the Photonics community;
  • Chigo Okonkwo, TU Eindhoven, for achieving the world record in data transmission via Optical Fiber, 255 Tbits/s;
  • Richard Visser, SMART Photonics,  for providing commercial Multiproject Wafer fabrication of InP Photonic Integrated Circuits.

The winner will receive a voucher of 3000 Euros worth of professional consultancy to be used for any of the innovation services provided by PNO. PNO’s Photonic-related customers will vote for the candidate who they deem most deserving. Voting closes on May 4th. The award ceremony will be held at Photonics Event 2015 (, where PNO will be exhibiting (Booth #17) and taking part in the co-located brokerage event.