PHR 800

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PicoQuant is now offering a new routing device – the PHR 800 – for up to four detectors in the PicoHarp 300 TCSPC photon counting module. The router operates the detectors ‘quasi in parallel’ on one PicoHarp 300, allowing users to collect fluorescence lifetime decays on multiple channels simultaneously. This enables simplified collection of polarisation dependent data as well as sophisticated multidimensional fluorescence detection methods in the life sciences or in general sensitive analytics.

The router has software configurable inputs, so that it can be used with SPAD detectors (Perkin-Elmer SPCM with TTL output or the new MPD SPAD modules with NIM output). Optionally the router can be fitted with CFD modules, so that it can be used for up to four PMT or MCP-PMT detectors (negative output). Mixed configurations with SPAD and PMT are also possible.

The four-channel router is controlled through the PicoHarp software and supports both histogramming and TTTR mode. The latter records each individual photon with its picosecond timing, the global arrival time at nanosecond resolution and the detector channel it came from, giving greater flexibility in data analysis.